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We Fix Computers

Looking for PC, laptop or other repairs? Emscom are here to help.


We are based in Emsworth and cover areas from Chichester, Havant and surrounding areas.

We are small enough to care and big enough to deliver.

We can also collect and return at minimum cost.

Red shirt Matt
Malware Bytes

Malware Bytes

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365





We are Microsoft partners and can help identify how Office 365 and other Microsoft Cloud solutions can help serve your specific business needs.

We can also offer end-user training and guidance.


If you’re having trouble with your internet connection and not sure why, we can troubleshoot the problem for you, change settings and replace faulty hardware. Or, if the fault is with your Internet Service Provider (ISP), we will let you know how to get them to fix it. 


Data Recovery

Deleted a file by accident? 

Emptied the recycle bin? 

Virus preventing access to your data? 

The good news is your data is not always lost! 

We can usually get your files back even if your operating system doesn’t start. Your valuable data is almost always retrievable, no matter what the situation.

Back up Service

With a proper back up procedure you could save your time and money when your files get deleted, lost, stolen or corrupted. 

There are different levels of backing up, and it depends on your needs as to how much or how little to use. But one thing is for sure, we all need it. We can advise on the best way to back up your files; from online back up to external devices, we’ll help you find the solution that is right for you.

Email setup

If you use email software like Outlook, Thunderbird, Live mail or Outlook Express to read your emails it is very annoying when something causes it to stop working. Quite often there’s a straightforward solution to fix these problems but the danger is that it’s possible to make things worse if you don’t know your way around. This is a service that would need to be done in the workshop the time would depend on how many emails, contacts we need to move, to how long it will take. 

About Emscom

Emscom is a small husband and wife company, with one technician.

We live in the beautiful village of Emsworth, where Matt has been working exclusively in IT since 1985.  Emscom is growing fast with over 1500 customers to date.

Carol joined the company in 2016, after working a variety of jobs from a children’s Nanny to buyer in aerospace and medical industries.


We created Emscom to offer a professional and expert IT services, with good old-fashioned values and the need for home office, charities, and non-profit organisations in mind. 


Matt has been in the IT business since 1996.


What we do?

Home and businesses

Is Your Computer or Laptop Running?

Over time PCs and laptops can get clogged up with spyware, viruses and temporary files which drastically slow their performance. 

We can give your PC or laptop a full clean; removing dust build up and all the unwanted files. Emscom will have your system running in tip top condition again.


Is your computer:

  • Getting slower, making more noise or just doesn’t appear to be working as it should?

  • Does it keep freezing, or opening up the wrong webpages? 

  • Contact Emscom and arrange for full clean-up service now. This is a set fee service no matter how long it takes

Virus and Malware removal 

If your computer has any of the following symptoms it is likely that it has been infected by malware:

  • Your browser redirects you to unwanted websites

  • Your browser homepage changes

  • Your computer is running very slowly

  • Strange “error” messages or fake virus scans “finding” loads of infections

  • You are locked out of your computer 

  • Password issues

  • New or strange desktop icons

  • Huge increase or decrease in available hard drive space

  • Virus, spyware and malware infections are unfortunately all too common on PCs and Laptops these days. No matter how vigilant you think you are being, some viruses can still infect your computer. 


At Emscom, Matt has over 25 years of experience with computer services from repair, hardware to software fixes.

It’s not enough to run a virus scan and hope it clears it, as modern viruses can sometimes be missed by your antivirus software or leave your PC or laptop in an unstable condition. 


We offer a fixed fee for removing viruses and spyware.

Emscom We Fix Computers

Windows Care Package

Laptop Service & Repair

Broadband & Internet Problems

Desktop & PC Repair

Mac Services

Battery Replacement

Virus Protection 

Wireless and Wired Router Setup  

Business IT Support

Help with Wireless Printers and Home  Gadgets

Mac Repairs

Malware removal

One to one tuition

 Virus Removal and Protection

Professional Data Recovery

Mac & MacBook Repair

Mac Upgrades 

Refurbished PCs for sale

Why choose Emscom ?

Customer satisfaction

Very Honest

Over 25 years' experience

Value for money

Free advice

Fast service

Our Care Package

Looking for an MOT for your PC? See what the care package includes:


Red shirt Matt

1. Deep malware scan and removal of anything we find
2. Installation of any missed or failed Windows updates and repair of Windows update where required
3. Removal of any obsolete system utilities and apps
4. Removal of bundled ‘free’ data mining apps
5. Removal of any potentially dangerous apps
6. Disk clean up, removal of temporary files and minor file system corruptions
7. Removal of browser and search hijacks
8. User profile privacy hardening – Up to 90 separate Windows settings to reduce data-mining by Microsoft


We try to turn jobs over in 48 hours, but it may be a little longer if the workshop is busy.

When we return a PC or laptop we always spend up to 15 minutes demonstrating that it is working. If you need further assistance, connecting Wi-Fi, printers or using the new e-mail program perhaps, you should allow for this.

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation

We pride ourselves on our excellent service and reputation. If you’d like to get an idea of some of the experiences from past customers have had with our services, take a look at a selection of their testimonials below.



Recently purchased a new laptop from husband and wife team Matt and Carole. Fabulous proper old fashioned personal service which you will never find at a high street chain these days. Their knowledge is vast and take time to give excellent advice, no pressure. Great friendly people to deal with and prices very fair.



Most helpful, very local and friendly. Asus laptop issues were sorted out, the technical issues were explained and printed out. I had the computer back within 24hrs. Top service, thanks heaps to Matt and Carole.


I’m so pleased I found Emscom. Carol and Matt stepped in at short notice when my web host stopped hosting. They got me up and running with an alternative with minimum fuss. In the process, they linked up all my devices, which I’ve never managed to do, and they streamlined my previously messed-up system. They did it with such cheerful dedication and patience (especially when I forgot my passwords) that they turned a stressful experience into an unexpected pleasure. As a freelancer working from home, I rely on relatively seamless IT, and now it’s better than it’s ever been, thanks to Emscom. Their service went beyond my expectations, and the cost was very reasonable. Highly recommended.

Get in Touch

Unsure of the type of computer repair is required? Not sure why your device won't turn on? Talk to The Emsworth Computer Company and contact our team in Emsworth today.

01243 887757


Monday - Friday:
09:00AM - 17:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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